The World’s Most Expensive Defender — Virgil Van Dijk

The most expensive defender in the world also shows the calmest nature in numerous football games. But the reason of Virgil van Dijk’s is not only from his unflappable nature. On Monday, he was asked whether the Sergio Agüero will lead to more problems to Liverpool than Gabriel Jesus. In case they boycott their rivals in the method they did in the other night, it doesn’t matter who takes the position of strikers. Chelsea moved to Anfield for £75m in January. A Netherlands international says, “He loves the club already”.

In the Liverpool, he found the complete manager. A 26 years old is faithful to grab the silverware. Almost every football fan of club Liverpool is worrying that the intention is not enough to combat against the energetic but vulnerable team of Pep Guardiola. In Pep Guardiola’s side, their nerves have been soothed, massaged and oiled by a few minutes.

When it refers to the game against Man City, the Liverpool’s defender expresses that he never felt nerves. He is very glad to play the semi-finals of the Champions League with his team. Considering their 3-0 consequence of the football game, our football fans have prepared for the games and they believe it is a great place to play football. Besides, it is also an extremely good chance.

“I always keep myself calm and it’s too unflappable from time to time. Sometimes, it will cost some energy of mine, but this is fair. As a professional football player, we need to enjoy the process. If all things could be promoted smoothly, I hope I could extend my football playing career as much as possible.

As a famous football player of Netherlands, Virgil van Dijk have contributed numerous efforts ahead of earning his cap from Netherlands national football team. The professional competent footballer, born in Dutch, started playing football when he was young. Before taking the position of captain of Dutch national football team. Prior to move to Groningen in 2010, he started his football playing career with Willem II. In May 2011, he accomplished his first appearance for Groningen at the 72nd minute as a substitute. In the 2011-12 season, Van Dijk has played 23 football games for the Eredivisie team, netting his first professional goal in the 6-0 win.

In a football game against Heracles Almelo in 2012, he won the second professional goal ahead of next scoring in the following week. After several years’ efforts, he signed a four-year professional contract with Celtic for an estimated £2.6 million transfer fee. He is also entitled to gain 10% selling-on fee for Groningen. In a 2-0 win against Aberdeen at Pittodrie Stadium, he debut for the team as a substitute with outstanding performances.

In 2015, he moved to Premier League club Southampton for an estimated £13 million transfer fee. Before the termination of a five-year contract with club Southampton, it was declared that Van Dijk would move to Liverpool during the winter transfer window for a reported £75 million transfer fee.

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