Good, bad and ugly of PSG’s Win

It seems that Neymar’s performances in pitches never completely keep consistent with what he said. No matter what kind of situation, the talent would let himself calm down or try to cease great desires and to win goals. The guy performs well from time to time in the period of PSG’s 2-1 win over Liverpool at the stadium Parc des Princes. It is a win lights the hope of their teams. But the footballer who also work for the Brazil national football team often calm down with showboating and histrionics.

It seems like we are find fault with the young football player or size up all his behaviors too carefully. He is only a young talent aged 26. The transfer fee also didn’t break previous record. It’s said that total amount of transfer fee less than £198m.

In the summer of 2017, it is declared Neymar would sign back, but the original purpose was not occupied headlines. In the purpose of promising future of PSG, he was signed back and the club hoped their strength could be driven to a higher level. But severe metatarsal injury put out the idea completely prior to defeat in the round of 16.

In the period, It seems a long distance to go before Neymar’s crucial scores. Many would have thought it is a mission impossible. But after his crucial goals, many people have changed their wild guess on the young and talented footballer.

Having thought the competition was successful, Neymar then changed the football version with his tricks and self-centered behavior. Such transformation failed to take effect but only served to annoy, disrespect and his rivals.

Liverpool is really bothered by Neymar, especially James Miler, who have lost his temper for earache and complaints about Neymar’s conduct. When it comes to the gifted Brazilian footballer, also a superstar in football fields, many would found that the prominent feats and accolades who have won. Because of great expectations and competent abilities that deserve the great reputation, the young footballer need to build up the overall ability as soon as possible.

Perhaps it is not difficult, he always catches attentions from most of the people effortlessly. Viewing from most cases, a footballer may reach the very peak of his football career at the age of 26. It is possible for him to outperform than superstars like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. In spite of all above factors, many excellent and promising young footballers are probably taking the place of Neymar’s current position.

It is the consequence that his value and importance have been proved to a certain extent. All his outstanding pace, speed, strength, vision and the other could be easily showed in the blink of an eye, saving or even determining the consequence of football games. As long as having netted a goal, it is possible for him to win more scores.


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