Barcelona’s Win at Girona

Barcelona was sent to the lead in the ninth minute, because of a weaker left-foot goal by Nelson Semedo. Although the game was held on a rain-swept after at Montilivi stadium, Liga bbva‘s ambitious plan on holding the tournament in Miami fell through ahead of the goal. When champions said goodbye to a gutsy Girona team 2-0 in a football match on Sunday, Barcelona squad had won goals in six football games in a row with assistance from Lionel Messi, going five points clear at the top of rankings.

In the 51st minute, defender Bernardo Espinosa was sent off, because of the second booking. The top goal scorer of Barcelona — Lionel Messi has lobbed the 18th goal to net in the season. When Karim Benzema netted two goals and Gareth Bale won goals after returning from injury, Real Madrid team thrashed Espanyol 4-2. Ahead of the double lead by Sergio Ramos, Benzema discovered the target in the fourth minute. Prior to seal the result several minutes later, Léo Baptistão levelled one point back and then Benzema fired another goal once again.

Due to a red card to Raphaël Varane, the number of Real Madrid’s men was reduced to 10; the opposition pulled one point back by a wonderful shot from Roberto Rosales. In other football matches, Real Valladolid beat Celta Vigo. Besides, Bayern Munich also guaranteed the fifth Bundesliga win in a row, bridging the gap between themselves and Borrussia Dortmund. In the first half, Stuttgart disappointed Bayern Munich, because Thiago’s opener was cancelled by Anastasios Donis. When Serge Gnabry robbed the ball on the edge of the box, his goal deflected in off Christian Gentner. At the same time, Bayern Munich regained its lead by Serge Gnabry’s one more goal.

The reigning champion kept their lead through Leon Goretzka; Lewandowski hit the post from his spot. In the following six minutes,  he has amended his penalty. Fiorentina won two goals by a 10-men team, witnessing their rivals’ missing penalty when they defeat Chievo 4-3 on Sunday. It was a wonderful football game, which adopted assistant referee decisions by referring to the most unusual video. A fourth-minute lead has been given by Luis Muriel, ahead of Chievo’s thoughts about levelled scores. At that time, Fiorentina’s goalkeeper fired another goal to net. However, the VAR system disallowed the goal, because it believed the striker has encroached. Mariusz Stepinksi pulled one point back for Chievo and Benassi became villain on the hour, because he intecepted the goalbound shot by his arm on the line. For such a reason, he was sent off while Sergio Pellissier  pulled one point back throught penalty.

When footballers run from one end to the other in the pitch, Federico Chiesa put Fiorentina ahead. And then the rivals were given to Chievo, because of Gerson’s handball. This time’s shot was intercepted. Striker Duvan Zapata of Atalanta team missed a penalty, but the forward netted an equalizer after one minute. More detailed information will be introduced next time.

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Latest from Paris

Thierry Henry scored his second victory in Monaco on December 5, beating Armian 2-0 away with a brace from Falcao, a hard-won 3-pointer that saw Monaco escape the relegation zone after 77 days. After a difficult start to his career, the win not only put Monaco back on track but also gave Thierry Henry more hope for the next game than ever before for the former Arsenal star. Six games in the 17th round of the French league will be played on January 15 and 16, 2019, due to security concerns, the PFA announced on December 7. All fans who want to see the two former gunners face each other as coaches will have to wait more than a month. In fact, six events in la Liga have been postponed, a microcosm of French society in the past. People in France have taken to the streets since November 17 to protest against the rise in fuel taxes and the soaring cost of oil and living. Four people have been killed and hundreds injured since the protests began. With the addition of some people from the far left, far right and violent groups, the protests gradually turned into riots. The protests that took place on December 1st were particularly serious, with the French government pointing out that 75,000 people took part in demonstrations across the country, 5,500 in Paris alone. Three people have been killed, 133 injured and 412 arrested in the clashes. It was the worst unrest in France since 1968. “I have a very deep friendship with pat and he is a role model for me and for everyone. He has always been gifted, has always been at the top of the team, his presence also encourages you to strive to go forward. It’ll take me hours to get this straight, but he’s a very good man. “However, the “yellow vest movement” showed no signs of stopping, and as the protests spread, discontent with macron’s government spread from fuel taxes to other areas.

According to the BBC, macron is facing his biggest crisis since taking office. He passed a law in March that requires high school students to pass a systematic selection process to get into college. Some critics say it will restrict young people’s access to universities and lead to rising inequality, which has led to student protests at more than 200 secondary schools in France. On December 6th more than 140 people were arrested after young people took to the streets to protest macron’s education reforms. The bigger crisis seems to be yet to come. French trade unions have called on energy workers to go on strike on December 13 in support of the “yellow vest movement,” according to French media. The French truckers’ union has also staged a series of strikes since the night of December 9th to protest against cuts in overtime pay. As for the French farmers’ unions, they are also preparing daily protests from this week to demand higher incomes. There is no doubt that the “yellow waistcoat movement” triggered by the increase in fuel tax has turned into a full-scale protest against macron, and the series of riots and strikes that are or are about to take place also raises the question of whether this week’s Ligue 1 tournament can go on as usual after the postponement of last week’s tournament. At present, the French authorities have not made any statement. Riots, strikes and protests are nothing new in France to those familiar with the country, and football, the world’s most popular sport, is not immune to them. But the football-related riots are more racist and class-conscious. Not long ago, These Football Times author Alexandre Shira wrote an article about how racism and class attitudes affect French Football in the context of French politics. When the Gallic rooster beat Croatia to win the 2018 World Cup, many fans wondered, “how many French people are there in this team?”Indeed, as a after the second world war from the colonial countries introduced a large number of workers, 9. 1% of the population of France is immigration, and win the championship of the team in Russia, a total of 20 players have immigrant descent, this also is give a lot of French extremism counter space, “this is not to be the pride of France. “In fact, such discrimination has a long history in French football. Back in the 1980s, some right-wing French politicians described the Paris suburbs as “slums” of crime and chaos. You know, it’s where a lot of immigrants live, and it’s where a lot of future French players grow up. At that time, there were an average of two riots in the suburbs of Paris every year. It is reported that 34% of French people held racist attitudes towards immigrants at that time.

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Good, bad and ugly of PSG’s Win

It seems that Neymar’s performances in pitches never completely keep consistent with what he said. No matter what kind of situation, the talent would let himself calm down or try to cease great desires and to win goals. The guy performs well from time to time in the period of PSG’s 2-1 win over Liverpool at the stadium Parc des Princes. It is a win lights the hope of their teams. But the footballer who also work for the Brazil national football team often calm down with showboating and histrionics.

It seems like we are find fault with the young football player or size up all his behaviors too carefully. He is only a young talent aged 26. The transfer fee also didn’t break previous record. It’s said that total amount of transfer fee less than £198m.

In the summer of 2017, it is declared Neymar would sign back, but the original purpose was not occupied headlines. In the purpose of promising future of PSG, he was signed back and the club hoped their strength could be driven to a higher level. But severe metatarsal injury put out the idea completely prior to defeat in the round of 16.

In the period, It seems a long distance to go before Neymar’s crucial scores. Many would have thought it is a mission impossible. But after his crucial goals, many people have changed their wild guess on the young and talented footballer.

Having thought the competition was successful, Neymar then changed the football version with his tricks and self-centered behavior. Such transformation failed to take effect but only served to annoy, disrespect and his rivals.

Liverpool is really bothered by Neymar, especially James Miler, who have lost his temper for earache and complaints about Neymar’s conduct. When it comes to the gifted Brazilian footballer, also a superstar in football fields, many would found that the prominent feats and accolades who have won. Because of great expectations and competent abilities that deserve the great reputation, the young footballer need to build up the overall ability as soon as possible.

Perhaps it is not difficult, he always catches attentions from most of the people effortlessly. Viewing from most cases, a footballer may reach the very peak of his football career at the age of 26. It is possible for him to outperform than superstars like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. In spite of all above factors, many excellent and promising young footballers are probably taking the place of Neymar’s current position.

It is the consequence that his value and importance have been proved to a certain extent. All his outstanding pace, speed, strength, vision and the other could be easily showed in the blink of an eye, saving or even determining the consequence of football games. As long as having netted a goal, it is possible for him to win more scores.


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Manchester United’s Anthony Martial

In the context of approaching of the summer transfer window, numerous football clubs slowly turned their eyes towards the summer transfer window, hoping to find extremely competent footballers for their team. Talks involving the latest rumors have been published.

Some reports reveal that Marcus Rashford is growing frustrated at Manchester United, and news about Anthony Martial could be available for many football club giants like Juventus, Paris-Saint Germain and Atletico Madrid for his signature. Many speculate that he will be on the move amid claims he refused to a new contract. In spite of preferring to stay at Old Trafford, the boss Jose Mourinho is try to find opportunity the disorder his attack again, and the France international may not be a necessary football player for his team.

Mourinho thinks over the feasibility of a swap deal for Inter Milan’s Ivan Perisic ahead of the beginning of the season, only to eventually decide against it. The report expressed they are very glad to cost about £60 million to swap footballers. Although Tottenham Hotspur shows long-term interests to the footballer, PSG and Atletico Madrid also join in the contention. Man United may refused to sell the competent footballer to a Premier League rival.


At the same time, one media reports that Valencia intends to sign the on-loan Man United midfielder Andreas Pereira on a permanent basis. Atletico Madrid plan to offer new contract to Griezmann. It’s said that Atletico Madrid would spare no efforts to keep Griezmann. Some reveal that the club will offer him more than £300,000 a week. Although the France international forward Griezmann is reported to be a target for football clubs Barcelona and Man United, the Mirror declared that they would not allow the competent footballer slip away without a fight.

Besides signing new contract with Griezmann, they will also take measures to combat against club Barcelona. The newspaper said the coach Diego Simeone, who promised his future to Atleti, is expected to do everything possible to keep Griezmann – but he added that the Barca are “desperate to have their main target.”

First – class trio would like to Norwich’s Murphy in. Due to eminent gift and outstanding performances on football pitch, Premier League clubs also show their interest in Canaries winger Josh Murphy after Norwich midfielder James Maddison. At present, they were forced to bid for Murphy, with the mirror saying Leicester, Bournemouth and Crystal Palace are all in the frame.

Former Manchester City midfielder, QPR and Burnley, Barton, 35, was also linked to Cardiff City for an automatic promotion to the Premier League.

– Watford is on the verge of abandoning its efforts to sign Stevenage Youth League defenseman Ben Wilmot, according to the London Evening Standard.

The Hornets have made an offer of around £ 500,000 for the 18-year-old – also linked to Spurs and Arsenal – denied in January, and the Standard says they “look elsewhere now in the current state of things” .

The Independent reports that Anthony Martial envisions his future after a season in which he was part of Jose Mourinho’s lineup. The 22 years old netted 11 goals in all competitions, but only won 16 of 32 Premier League games.

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Ryan Mason returns to Spurs to play the role of coach after retirement

Former Tottenham Hotspur football player Ryan Mason go back to the club to start managerial career after ending his football playing career putting on their football kits in February, but remains unsure of what he wants to do in the long run.

Mason has end his football playing career after suffering a severe broken skull aged 26 as playing for Hull City at Chelsea last January. In the last two weeks, he has coached the club’s under-23 at the Spurs’ training base in Enfield, while he has also tried to play as a television expert since his injury.

He tells all people that he is bliss, and football is a critical part in his life. This is a new challenge that I am confronting in the present stage. I made media pieces. I’m a coach, it’s just the next step in my career.

To be frank, I have thought it would be 35 or 36 years old while I am a 26-year-old footballer now. I was only to make this decision ahead of other footballers. And I would like to make the most of the 10 following years. I always keep a positive attitude towards my injury. Although the reality is disappointing, I still keep a positive attitudes. I am happy for the promising future now.

Mason joined Spurs when he was seven years old and played 70 games with Mauricio Pochettino, winning four times, ahead of signing for Hull in 2016.

“I’m in two weeks and it’s a good thing to start the next chapter,” he added. I am glad to offer help for them. It is likely for me to come back and to break my badges. At present, he goes great length to observe the current situation as much as possible. He could with boys of the reserves U23, so he could help them with the knowledge he having mastered.

“I do not know where I want to go yet, if you said I would be a manager, I do not know, I do not know if I want to be a coach for the kids. It’s a chance to get in the field, finding a way and seeing the place I would like to go. On the basis of numerous knowledge and practical skills, it’s really a pleasant matter at home.

I was always eager to talk to the boys from the club and try to help them make a step.

As an excellent football player who having witnessed and went through countless fierce football games, I eager to help young footballers in their football playing career. He always hope to talk with young footballers.

Although the Premier League did not take it at their word, Spurs has now taken the step, presumably at Kane’s insistence, to call for the goal to be reallocated to him. If the club can show enough evidence – unrelated – we hope 18-month-old Ivy Kane – their talisman has hit the ball – he’ll get a 25th league goal of the season.

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The World’s Most Expensive Defender — Virgil Van Dijk

The most expensive defender in the world also shows the calmest nature in numerous football games. But the reason of Virgil van Dijk’s is not only from his unflappable nature. On Monday, he was asked whether the Sergio Agüero will lead to more problems to Liverpool than Gabriel Jesus. In case they boycott their rivals in the method they did in the other night, it doesn’t matter who takes the position of strikers. Chelsea moved to Anfield for £75m in January. A Netherlands international says, “He loves the club already”.

In the Liverpool, he found the complete manager. A 26 years old is faithful to grab the silverware. Almost every football fan of club Liverpool is worrying that the intention is not enough to combat against the energetic but vulnerable team of Pep Guardiola. In Pep Guardiola’s side, their nerves have been soothed, massaged and oiled by a few minutes.

When it refers to the game against Man City, the Liverpool’s defender expresses that he never felt nerves. He is very glad to play the semi-finals of the Champions League with his team. Considering their 3-0 consequence of the football game, our football fans have prepared for the games and they believe it is a great place to play football. Besides, it is also an extremely good chance.

“I always keep myself calm and it’s too unflappable from time to time. Sometimes, it will cost some energy of mine, but this is fair. As a professional football player, we need to enjoy the process. If all things could be promoted smoothly, I hope I could extend my football playing career as much as possible.

As a famous football player of Netherlands, Virgil van Dijk have contributed numerous efforts ahead of earning his cap from Netherlands national football team. The professional competent footballer, born in Dutch, started playing football when he was young. Before taking the position of captain of Dutch national football team. Prior to move to Groningen in 2010, he started his football playing career with Willem II. In May 2011, he accomplished his first appearance for Groningen at the 72nd minute as a substitute. In the 2011-12 season, Van Dijk has played 23 football games for the Eredivisie team, netting his first professional goal in the 6-0 win.

In a football game against Heracles Almelo in 2012, he won the second professional goal ahead of next scoring in the following week. After several years’ efforts, he signed a four-year professional contract with Celtic for an estimated £2.6 million transfer fee. He is also entitled to gain 10% selling-on fee for Groningen. In a 2-0 win against Aberdeen at Pittodrie Stadium, he debut for the team as a substitute with outstanding performances.

In 2015, he moved to Premier League club Southampton for an estimated £13 million transfer fee. Before the termination of a five-year contract with club Southampton, it was declared that Van Dijk would move to Liverpool during the winter transfer window for a reported £75 million transfer fee.

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